Un-Installing Software



To remove software from your program, you use the 'add and remove programs' section in the control panel. The 'control panel' is accessed through in the START menu.

When you get to the 'add or remove programs' dialog box, find the piece of software that you want to remove and click it. When you click it, it's section will expand and there will be a 'remove' button. Clicking it will start the un-install process.

At this point, you will be offered one or more choices. Here, you have only yes or no. Sometimes, you will be asked if you want to remove, modify or cancel.

Sometimes, when you remove a program, you will get a message like the one below. The safe thing to do is to leave the file that could possibly be used by another program.

Now you can see that the program has been removed. When un-installing some software, you will have to restart Windows. That's not the case here. At this point, you would simply close any open dialog boxes and you're done.



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