Navigating Without the Mouse


There may be times when you may need to navigate through an application without the use of a mouse (for example if the mouse stops responding and you need to save some data). In Windows, you can navigate through most screens with the arrow, tab and alt keys. Let's use IE in this example. Open an IE window. Look at the top toolbar (file, edit, view, favorites, tools...). Click the 'alt' button on your keyboard. You will notice that various letters are underlined.

Press the 'f' on your keyboard. As you can see, a menu drops down under 'file' (the same thing would happen if you press the underlined letter under any other of the toolbar items). If you select any of the letters in the menu, it will act the same way as you clicked it with your mouse.

For example, if you press 'O' for 'open', IE will bring up a dialog box that will allow you to open a stored web page (or any other file that IE can handle).

Up/Down Arrows:
As an alternative to pressing the underlined letter in the menu, you can use the up/down arrows to step through the menu.

Using the TAB Button:
The tab key will typically move the cursor through the various text fields or to the various buttons in the active window. In the IE window set up as it is in this tutorial, the tab moved the cursor from the Google text field to the address text field.



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