The Beginning of the End of Your Fear of a Computer

This tutorial on basic computer operation is intended to help virtually anyone, at any skill level, who wants to learn more about using a computer... and you don't have to be a geek to understand it. It will start out with the most basic information and will progress from there. The sections on the various internal components like storage devices and building a computer are more technical, for those who want more than a basic understanding of computers. For software, I will mainly cover Microsoft Windows and its bundled software but I will also cover some of my favorite programs. For those using Windows Vista or Win7, much of what's written for XP applies. Win7 has a few added features and you have to do things a bit differently but many times, the Win7 dialog boxes are identical to XP. As time permits, I'll add more for Win7 where it differs from XP. If you're new to computers, this site will be helpful no matter which version of Windows you're using.

This tutorial is written to help even the most technically challenged users so if you're relatively comfortable with the basics, you may want to skip ahead. For the rest, I'll try to make it as easy as possible. I know that the first few pages are relatively basic but if you're really new to computers, please read through them. A special effort has been made to provide large, sharp, high resolution images for those who don't have the ability or inclination to open a working computer to see all of the various items that will be covered.

Navigation Through the Tutorial:
As you can see, there is a directory to the right of this page. It has a list of links. At the top are the most basic topics. As you progress downward, the topics get a little more complex but if you follow the tutorial in the order that the topics are presented, you will have no trouble understanding the material. Do not try to absorb everything here at one time. Read a little at a time at a pace with which you're comfortable. If you find it getting to a point that's more technical than you want/need on a particular page, go to the next page, skip the page, or quit reading (assuming that you've learned everything you need to learn).

Directory Legend:
This indicates that the information on the page is hardware related.
This indicates that the information on the page is software related.

Display Quality in Various Browsers:
Not all browsers display the text in the web page the same. As of now, Internet Explorer 9 makes it difficult to read. The following are from 4 different browsers. If you find it difficult to read, please try a different browser. Chrome, FireFox and Safari display the text as it should be. If you are using one of these browsers and the text at the top of the page doesn't look like it should (using the image below that corresponds to the browser you're using currently as a reference), you may need to change the font (typeface).

Internet Explorer 9:

Internet Explorer 9    Internet Explorer 9    Internet Explorer 9    Internet Explorer 9    Internet Explorer 9

FireFox 3.6:

FireFox 3.6   FireFox 3.6   FireFox 3.6   FireFox 3.6   FireFox 3.6

Google Chrome 16:

Google Chrome 16   Google Chrome 16   Google Chrome 16   Google Chrome 16   Google Chrome 16

Safari 5.1:

Safari 5.1 for Windows   Safari 5.1 for Windows   Safari 5.1 for Windows   Safari 5.1 for Windows   Safari 5.1 for Windows



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